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Actuality of the sector:

>  Recommendations regarding bake-off in corona crisis

Within our European federation AIBI, a common document has been elaborated with uniform recommendations concerning the Bake-off.

>  How to solve bread waste?

Overview of solutions to tackle bread waste in collaboration with FoodWin, the European Innovation Network

>  Enjoy, it's from Europe

Wide promotion campaign around bread with European subsidies

>  Launch of the three-year campaign ‘Bread, a great story’

A unique collaboration has been initiated to put an end to falling bread consumption

>  New AIBI President

Joseph Street (UK) is the new president of AIBI.

>  The future of our daily bread

"Feeding the nine billion people on our planet without wheat and other grains is impossible. “In that context our research is fundamental, “says professor Jan Delcour, a world authority when it comes to unlocking the secrets of grains. With his Belgian team he sows the seeds of our future daily bread. Together with Flanders’ FOOD he collaborates and exchanges knowledge with several food companies, but carefully keeps an eye on the freedom and objectivity of his research team. “The bigger our independence, the better our research results and the bigger our chances to contribute to the food supply of millions of people.”

>  Belgian food stands for quality, innovation and diversity.

"Small country. Great food". Visit the website : www.Food.be


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