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Launch of the three-year campaign ‘Bread, a great story’

Brussels, 1st February 2018 – In March, the three-year image campaign ‘Bread, a great story’ will be starting in Belgium and the Netherlands. This large-scale communication campaign is the result of a unique collaboration between the Belgian and Dutch bakery sector and aims to stop the decline in bread consumption. Subsidies from the European Union have been applied for and granted for setting up and carrying out the campaign.

In recent years, the image of bread has been seriously tarnished. Diet books, self-proclaimed food gurus and a series of myths in the (social) media have led to a loss of confidence, creating confusion among consumers. The campaign will demonstrate to the consumer that bread is tasteful, versatile, nutritious, fantastic in its simplicity and part of the rich European food culture.

For three years, the campaign will highlight through an 'ode to bread' its positive values. Millions of consumers will be reached through radio, websites, social media and tastings. The websites broodengezondheid.be and painetsante.be will also be part of the campaign strategy. Via these websites that attracted more than 317,000 visitors last year, consumers will get transparent information about bread. Scientists and nutrition experts will also be involved in this broad campaign.

Unique collaboration
The campaign is made possible thanks to the granting of subsidies from the European Union to the Belgian and Dutch bakery sector. On behalf of Belgium, the FBGG, UNIFA, KVBM-ARMB, Institute Bread and Health and Bakkers Vlaanderen will participate in this event. The Netherlands will be represented by the NVB (Dutch Association of Industrial Bakeries), NBOV (Dutch Bread and Pastry Bakers Association) and NEBAFA (Association of Dutch Manufacturers of Bakery Ingredients). Never before had so many stakeholders from the sector worked together to achieve a single common goal.

IB&H and NBC project leaders
Institute Bread and Health (IB&H) and the Dutch Bakery Centre (NBC) submitted their plan to the European Union on behalf of the undersigned parties. Both associations will supervise the project in the coming three years.



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