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Belgian food stands for quality, innovation and diversity.

FOOD.be’s ambition is to bring the world into contact with Belgian food culture and products and to convince people in all parts of the world of its quality, safety, innovative nature and diversity.       

Belgian cuisine is one of the most highly praised in Europe and is renowned for its delicious taste and quality. This reputation is well-deserved, since Belgium is one of those countries where good food is not a hollow phrase but a veritable part of the country’s culture. Belgians love high-quality cuisine and enjoy sharing it in good company.

It is therefore not surprising that this quality and reputation are also reflected in the food industry. Belgium is a ‘great food country’ in the heart of Europe. Apart from well-known Belgian products such as beer, Belgian fries and chocolates, Belgium also boasts a wide range of highly successful companies in the food sector.

Belgians have a passion for food and that passion for food is shared by all the participants in the food sector:

  • Our farmers are among the best in Europe
  • Employees at food companies are masters of quality management
  • Retailers focus – more than those abroad – on offering quality products
  • Belgian consumers recognise and appreciate the taste and quality of food. 

Discover the Belgian Food Industry, our enterprises and our excellent products using our search tool. Because… Belgium may be a small country, but it has some great food! 

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